About JBlack & Associates

About JBlack & Associates

JBlack & Associates

Janet Black, MA, RCC

I grew up in Saskatchewan in a gentler era when there was time to listen to stories huddled around coal oil lamps and wood stoves.  Our entertainment was self-directed, involving live theatre or musical presentations, which were inclusive of the whole community.

At the great age of 6, I landed the part of ‘teacher’ in the school play where I delivered a monologue demanding there be a coloured television placed in each of the outhouses.  How prophetic that episode turned out to be as I eventually studied Fine Arts and completed my Teaching degree.  As a teacher, I was typically drawn to those students who displayed unique learning styles and behaviours, which meant further study in the area of Exceptional Children, specializing in Learning Disabilities. Each student and their family had a story that required a skill set that began with me and moved in to an interdisciplinary group of caregivers and service providers who in turn collectively helped create useful, workable programs to ensure student success and rewarding family relationships.

Teaching has taught me many things and it has been exciting to participate in the many roles a teacher plays in a school:  giving workshops, taking leadership opportunities and creating programs that are inclusive of all students.  I have had the challenge and pleasure of teaching at the post-secondary level, working with a whole range of adult learners who were transitioning in to the work world. At the secondary school the energy of the adolescence allowed for opportunities to travel with students on their out trips and learn about Caving, Repelling, High Ropes, and Sailing just to name a few.  These experiences were gratifying on many levels, primarily I had a renewed opportunity to recognize the great capacity that youth show for compassion, creativity, and courage. This compilation of experiences moved me to study again, completing a degree in Counselling Pyschology and altering my teaching path toward School Counselling and correspondingly a Private Practice.

In my personal life I have had the pleasure to travel extensively meeting wonderful people throughout the world.  I enjoy x-Country skiing, walking, swimming, kayaking, biking, and, of course, the arts.  My annual challenge is to try a new activity that requires a struggle to complete, just to appreciate the learning process.  My family is now grown and starting their own families, it is very gratifying to be a part of the ongoing patter of little feet.

My strength as a professional counsellor is that I absolutely love working with people and being part of a client-centered learning experience that is based on the therapeutic process.  This process is reminiscent of the careful listening and dialogue experienced through the benefit of specialized trauma training and many years of practical experience.


  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, 1998, Alder School of Professional Psychology, Chicago Illinois
  • Post Baccalaureate in Education, Exceptional Children, 1991; SFU, Burnaby, BC
  • Bachelor of General Studies Degree, 1982; SFU, Burnaby, BC
  • Special Education Professional Development Program, Learning Disabilities 1980; SFU, Burnaby, BC
  • Practical Nursing Diploma, 1972; Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, BC


  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • The Quantum Interweave©: Taking Therapy to the Next Level – Toronto
  • EMDR – Refreshers and Seminars
  • EMDR Conferences – Vancouver + Montreal
  • Canadian Counselling Association Conference – Conferences
  • EAP/EFAP – Vancouver/Vancouver Island – since 2007
  • Threat Assessment Training – Level 1 and 2
  • EMDR – Early Memory – Pre-Verbal Memory
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing – Level 1 and 2 – 2001


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor #2934 (BCRCC)
  • British Columbia Teacher’s Federation (BCTF)
  • Certified Victims of Crime Counsellor
  • EMDR Canada