Read what others have said . . .

There were many times I approached you and the reason I came to you more than once was because regardless of what the situation or the events I was going through, you had a conversation with me where I felt comfortable exposing information to you.  You didn’t criticize me for my actions or feelings I shared,  you also made me appreciate myself a lot more by allowing me to better acknowledge my attributes and characteristics which later got me thinking, “what am I doing?”

There was also the terrible time I found out my dad needed open heart surgery.  Yet again, without making me feel that I was thinking too much, you allowed me to pour out my emotions freely and provided me with insight of how life changes and it was normal.

There was a time where I also started to feel the pressures of work and trying to maintain a work life balance. You helped calmed my nerves down by just letting me see how much I had on my plate, praising me for what I was doing and later helping me acknowledge where I needed to slow down.  I learnt I didn’t need to stress myself out as long as at the end of the day I knew I did as much as I could do while still having time for myself.

Overall, I enjoy speaking with you because you never seem to go against what I feel or think, rather you encourage me to talk without interrupting me it allows me to understand myself and see things outside of the box.  You can extract all the positive elements, which makes me feel at ease and allows me to focus.  After our talks I always feel that I “normal,” but I just needed someone to have a dialog with me to better help me focus my energy on what matters without giving me opinions or advice.

~ S.C., Vancouver, BC